2012 Honda CRV Tune-Up

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In this How-to, I'll show you how to perform a general tune-up on a 2012 Honda CRV. This process is generally the same for any 4 cylinder engine.

This tune-up was performed because this engine had reached the service interval for a sparkplug replacement. 135xxxkms on the original spark plugs! The customer was concerned about recent increased fuel consumption as well.


-3/8" drive ratchet

-10mm 3/8" drive socket

-5/8" sparkplug socket

-3/8" drive suitable extension relative to your sparkplug socket.


20-30 minutes

STEP 1: Locate the hood release on the left kick panel. Pull to open. Release secondary latch under the hood by pulling up on the lever.2012 Honda CRV Tune-Up-66d2 #1-

2012 Honda CRV Tune-Up-66d2 #2-

STEP 2: Remove 4 10mm bolts holding a cover overtop of the ignition coils.2012 Honda CRV Tune-Up-66d2 #3-

STEP 3: Remove the 4 10mm bolts holding the ignition coils.2012 Honda CRV Tune-Up-66d2 #4-

STEP 5: You can now disconnect the electrical connection on each ignition coil. The connector has a plastic tab that you need to depress to release the connector while pulling backward. Set the ignition coils aside. If there is dirt/debris on top of the valve cover, now would be a good time to clean it with a vacuum, to reduce risk of any foreign materials falling into the combustion chamber when the spark plugs are removed.

STEP 6: Remove sparkplugs. 2012 Honda CRV Tune-Up-66d2 #5-

STEP 7: Install new sparkplugs. I don't recommend using antisieze compound on the threads. This engine uses iridium sparkplugs, for this reason I don't recommend using a gap gauge, to reduce risk of damaging the delicate tip. Most iridium plugs are pre-gapped from the factory for optimum performance. Install dry, first by threading them in by hand. Do not start tighten with a ratchet until they are snug by hand. Once snug by hand, tighten with a ratchet 1/2 to 2/3 of a turn. This will ensure the crush washer is seated properly.2012 Honda CRV Tune-Up-66d2 #6-

STEP 8: I recommend applying a little bit of dielectric grease to the boot of the ignition coil. This will promote better insulation between the coil and the top of the sparkplug. This will also make it easier to remove the ignition coil should they need to be removed again in the future. 2012 Honda CRV Tune-Up-66d2 #7-

STEP 9: Reinstall the coils. Tighten snugly. Reconnect the electrical connections. Start engine and ensure it's running smoothly.

STEP 10: Reinstall the cover overtop of the ignition coils. Close hood.2012 Honda CRV Tune-Up-66d2 #8-

Job done!