2019 Honda CRV oil change


Tools required:

17mm wrench or socket with ratchet

Philips head screwdriver

Flathead screwdriver

Oil filter pliers


Drain pan

Floor jack

Jack stands


Oil filter


Brake clean

Step 1. Open hood with hood release located to the left of the drivers footwell. Proceed with opening the hood the rest of the way with the release located underneath the middle of the hood. You should feel a plastic tab, push it to the right while pulling hood up and prop the hood up

Step 2. Locate oil fill cap and dipstick

2019 Honda CRV oil change-4ec6 #1-

Step 3. Remove oil fill cap and prop funnel in oil fill additionally pull the dip stick out about one inch

2019 Honda CRV oil change-4ec6 #2-

Do these steps now to ensure that the oil fill cap will come off and the dipstick will come out without breaking (nothing worse than draining a fluid to find out you can't refill)

Step 4. Raise and support the vehicle as outlined by the owners manual, only use the designated jacking points.

Step 5. Remove the skid plate using a Phillips head screwdriver and a Flathead

2019 Honda CRV oil change-4ec6 #3-

The flathead screws only need to be turned 90° and they will release

Step 6. Put your drain pan under the oil drain plug and use the 17mm wrench/ratchet to release the plug and empty the oil into the drain pan (pay careful attention to which bolt you loosen as the engine mount is very near the drain bolt and is also a 17mm)

2019 Honda CRV oil change-4ec6 #4-2019 Honda CRV oil change-4ec6 #5-

Step 7. Once the oil has stopped being a steady stream and begins to drop put the drain plug back and tighten until it begins to resist and then go another 1/4 turn. Be sure that you still have the crush washer on the bolt when you tighten it down.

Step 8. Loosen the oil filter using the oil filter pliers and remove the oil filter. Be careful as there will be oil draining out of the filter as you take it off

2019 Honda CRV oil change-4ec6 #6-

Step 9. Get your new oil filter and use some of the old oil to lubricate the o-ring on the top of the filter before screwing in by hand. As hard as you can tighten it by hand is good, do not use the oil filter pliers to install the filter

Step 10. Clean off the bottom of the car with a rag and optional brake clean then reinstall the skid plate

Step 11. Lower the car back down to the ground

Step 12. Fill the oil using the funnel in the oil fill in the engine bay, start with 4L of oil and then check the dipstick

2019 Honda CRV oil change-4ec6 #7-

The difference between the two lines on the dipstick is ~ 1 liter, additional the top line the arrow is pointing to is the full mark. fill accordingly

Step 13. Cap the oil and be sure the dipstick is back in then start the car and count to 10, be sure the oil light on the dash goes off along with the rest of the lights after startup. If the oil light doesn't turn off along with the other lights then shut the engine off and double check your oil filter and drain plug

Step 14. Check oil level again after running and adjust accordingly

Step 15. Reset oil light on dash

2019 Honda CRV oil change-4ec6 #8-

Push this button until some options show on screen then use the side arrows to navigate to the wrench icon

2019 Honda CRV oil change-4ec6 #9-

Press okay the oil life should display as a percentage.

Hold the enter button for at least 15 seconds and you should be met by a screen asking you what to reset. Select 'A' if you just did an oil change.

Step 16. Close hood and JOBS DONE

As a side note:

Honda has "maintenance minders" which show up on the dash as letters and numbers, these numbers correspond to different services. In my case it showed an "A1" service which is an oil change and air+cabin filter.In my case I did an oil change and the filters so i scrolled until I found "all due items" and selected that and it cleared all due items. In your case consult the owners manual and find out which items should be reset for the services you've done.