Fill Washer Fluid

As a professional mechanic, I'm astonished as to how many people don't know how to fill washer fluid in their vehicle, so in this How-to, I'll quickly show you how to do so.


under 5 minutes.

STEP 1: Locate your hood release, which is usually located on the left kick panel, beside your gas/brake/clutch pedals.

Fill Washer Fluid-7f6b #1-

This picture is an example of where a Honda hood release lever is.

STEP 2: Once the primary latch has been released, your hood should be ajar, allowing you to sneak your hand underneath the middle of the hood and operate the secondary latch. Open the hood by releasing the secondary latch. This is usually done by moving the lever upward, or to the side depending on your car. Consult your owner's manual if you are still unsure how to open your hood.Fill Washer Fluid-7f6b #2-

STEP 3: Locate windshield washer fluid reservoir. This reservoir is usually marked with a blue cap, or a washer fluid symbol as pictured below. Be sure you are adding fluid to the correct reservoir, and not the engine coolant reservoir! (yes, I have seen people do this)

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Fill Washer Fluid-7f6b #4-

STEP 4: Open the cap and fill using appropriate washer fluid. If you live in a climate that reaches temperatures below freezing, be sure to purchase a Winter-rated washer fluid. The freezing point the fluid is rated for is usually posted on the front of the jug. You can add fluid to the reservoir until it is full. No harm will be done if the reservoir is filled all the way to the top.Fill Washer Fluid-7f6b #5-

STEP 5: Replace the cap on the reservoir, close the hood.

Job done!