How to move a window in a junkyard


Hey champs!

This is a very general how-to for any of you who browse pick and pulls. Due to covid, we've been really really slow so there hasn't been much to post. This is just a general guide of how to power up a window motor to remove the glass.

Estimated Time: 10-15 min

Tools Required

  • Wire cutters
  • An impact gun battery or other power device with a positive and negative


How to move a window in a junkyard-6a7f #1-

So there you are! A thug or rapscallion has broken your window, perhaps? Or maybe you're trying to pull out a door latch, and crap! The stupid engineers at toyerra-auto when designing your favourite car decided to put the actuator BEHIND the rail the window moves up and down on. Not to worry!

How to move a window in a junkyard-6a7f #2-

Remove your door panel. Remove the plastic sheet that prevents water from getting in (It doesn't do that). Locate your window motor. MOST vehicles have them in a visible location. It's USUALLY got two wires going into it. In this case, we have a green and purple and white and blue wire going to this window motor. BMW'S AND VOLKSWAGONS are a real pain. This guide is for not stupid cars.

How to move a window in a junkyard-6a7f #3-

Take a peek at this mastercraft battery pack. It's 20 volts. The terminals are marked. Take your wire cutters and cut into the two wires attached to the window motor. Strip 'em, and touch one wire to the positive and one wire to the negative. Did it spark and do nothing? TAKE THE WIRES OFF NOW! You'll fry yourself! Nah, just kidding. Swap the wires around and touch them again. The window should now move down enough for you to remove the glass.

How to move a window in a junkyard-6a7f #4-

Boom! Instant power window. Obviously, all of this is because the car you're working on has no fuse box or computer, or is missing more electronics. Thanks a lot for reading, happy wrenching!