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How to replace leaf springs


Please note this job can be somewhat difficult depending on the vehicle

Parts Required:

  • Leaf Spring
  • Axle U Bolt
  • Leaf Spring Bushing

Tools Required:

  • Pry Bar
  • Floor Jack
  • Pliers
  • Jack Stand

Step 1

Ensure vehicle is safely jacked up from the ground and has clearance between the wheel and the ground. You're going to want the vehicle to be jacked up fairly high off the ground.

Step 2

Secure the vehicle with jack stands on both sides for safety before starting any work. Ensure you position the jack-stands on the frame and not the suspension points. Be sure to have the wheels off the ground when you lower the jack

How to replace leaf springs-1fdd #1-

Step 3

Remove the wheel

Step 4

Remove the 4 nuts that hold the u-joints in place. Than remove the u-joint retainer bracket from the vehicle. Note: you may need an extendable ratchet or breaker bar as the nuts may be rusted and hard to loosen

How to replace leaf springs-1fdd #2-

Step 5

Remove the shackle mounts (front & rear) Also note: you may need that extendable ratchet or breaker bar again as the bolts can be very difficult to loosen

How to replace leaf springs-1fdd #3-

Step 6

Once the leaf spring is removed replace the bushing if necessary

Step 7

At this point you probably have either new bushings installed or new leaf-springs. Install the leaf spring back onto the vehicle and repeat steps 4 - 6 on the other side of the vehicle

I hope this generic tutorial helps. If any questions, please leave a comment stating your problem / concern and I will update my How-To accordingly