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How to Reset Maintenance Reminder in an F Chassis BMW


Hey Guys!

Today i'm going to be running through how to reset the maintenance reminder on a BMW in the F Chassis range. ex F30 3 series, F25 x3 ect

First step is to switch on the ignition watch the instrument cluster, you need to make sure that the vehicle does not have any active check control messages, this can include if the door is open, or if it is reminding you of your service due. these can be cleared by pressing the BC button on the side of the turn signal stalk.

Next step is to press and hold down the reset button located on the instrument cluster itself, after a few seconds, the services will pop up in the center of the instrument cluster.

At this point you can let go of the reset button, and if you keep pressing it you can scroll through the services that can be reset.

Once you find the service you want to reset, you press and hold the reset button again.

After a second or so, a message below the service will say "reset?" at this point you let go of the button, and immediately press and hold again. Soon after, you will see a progress bar of the reset taking place.

In the event that a few services are due, once you have reset the first service, the next due service will appear, and you can once again go through the reset process

I have included a link to my you tube video showing this process.