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Mitsubishi Evo rear diff bushings.


2009 Mitsubishi evolution 9 Rear differential bushings: total time 2-4 hours.

-Raise and support vehicle.

-Use of above ground lift is recommended but this can can be done on the ground with a basic jack.

-support rear differential with over head stand or jack stand.

-remove 6, 17mm bolts (3 for each bracket) that support the rear diff.

-remove 19mm bolt on rear of diff.

-removal of the driveshaft is not needed.

-raise diff upwards to relive stress of side mount brackets and remove them to be brought to the shop press.

-raising the diff also gives you enough room to work by the rear bushing.

-clean loose debris around rear diff mount.

-slowly torch the outside to break any unwanted seizing of the outside collar of the bushing to the subframe.

-with a chisel bit on a air hammer knock the bushing from the inside outward toward the back of the car.

-working your way around slowly is the best way.

-try to hammer the bushing in on itself instead of out on itself. Meaning chisel the outer lip in so it will fall out of the hole. If you chisel the lip outward you are creating a rivet and the bushing will have a harder time coming out.

-clean the inside mounting surface and apply lube to the new bushing and the mounting surface.

-depending on the fitment or brand you purchase, it has been a proven method by placing the new bushings into a freezer overnight to shrink the tolerance of the outside collar to fit inside the subframe. Not necessary but it will make it easier to install.

-carefully tap the outside edge of bushing into the subframe with a non marring hammer.

-when the bushing “looks” in enough, thread 19mm bolt thru into the diff to guide it the rest of the way until the bushing is firmly set.

-DONT thread the 19mm bolt into the back of the diff until the rear bushing is driven in a good amount. Reason being the bolt will distort the bushing enough so it wont be on center when you are attempting to drive the bushing in.

-install the 6 17mm bolts loose by hand first so no weird change of pinion angle happens.

-usually the reason for installing one of these kits is to adjust or maintain a stronger pinion angle. If shims need to be added put them in now.


Most kits for the mitsu evo come with 2 smaller bushings to be pressed into the aluminum diff support brackets. From our experience at Empire State Motors we have found it necessary to press them out on a large press. They are really in there and usually require some serious pressure and some heat. A socket or tool needs to be used that just hits the outer lip of the bushing collar but no bigger or smaller. If the socket is too big it will crack the aluminum. If the socket is to small and it pushes the outside collar out while you are pressing down it will also crack. We recommend you get a dial caliper and measure the outside of the socket to match the inside diameter of the bushing hole. After they finally come out the new bushings can be installed by hand with some grease!