J brown
J brown

2001 tundra rear bumper removal

estimated time to remove 1.5-2.5 hours depending rust

things you’ll need

12 mm socket

14 mm socket


21mm wrench

Phillips screwdriver

flat head screwdriver or prybar

pair of pliers

penetrating oil

patience and more patience

Remove the two license plate lights by removing the one Phillips screw holding them in, slide the light forward and pop it out there held in by three clips but they should come out easily.

twist the lightbulb holder 90° and that will pull out the back repeat this for both sides

Crawl underneath the truck and if you’re just needing to remove the bumper you will see closest to the rear bumper there are 2 12 mm bolts on each side, the nuts are on the inner side of the rail, soak all these with penetrating oil.  While down there soak the 2 bolts and nuts that secure to the trailer hitch. These were 12mm bolts with a 21mm nut. There is 4 12mm bolts going up into the bumper brace, prepare for the bolts to break this is very common we can repair this!!

Now that you have all the bolts undone your bumper is ready to remove but we’re not there yet. 

I like to remove the tailgate for this step (open gate release the cables and at about 45* open pull the passenger side to the rear abs it should slide out)

Take your pliers or pry bar and start removing the plastic trim. Pliers from the underside to release the plastic clips work great but you can also pop them with a pry bar or screwdriver if need be. Once you have all 3 plastic covers on and you have removed the wiring loom your ready to remove that rusty rear bumper!

2001 tundra rear bumper removal -ecf4 #1-