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How to change track bar bushings on 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 (Cummins Diesel)

Estimated Time:


Tools Required

  • 18 mm socket
  • 7/8 wrench
  • ratchet / impact
  • hammer / air hammer / rubber mallet
  • scotch brite pad (optional)
  • brake clean (optional)
  • Line up punch (optional)

Parts Required

  • Track bar bushings (Moog)


REMOVAL OF THE TRACK BAR: Remove the bolts holding the track bar to the front axle. This is done by using an 18 mm socket on the head of the bolt. There is a 7/8 nut on the back. It is not possible to get a wrench on it. Dodge made metal tabs on these nuts that make it possible to get the nut on the back side of the mount. This tab also allows the bolt to be removed without a wrench on the nut. This is because the tab will hold the nut as if it were a wrench on it. Once this bolt is removed, move to the drivers side where the track bar mounts to the frame of the truck. This can be removed the same way with the tab on the nut and an 18 mm socket on the head of the bolt; however, a 7/8 wrench will fit on the nut and is recommended. After these bolts have been removed, the track bar can be removed from the truck. Remember the orientation of the track bar. Taking a picture with your phone will help with this for installing the bar after replacing the bushings.

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION OF BUSHINGS: Clamp the bar in a vice. This will help keep the bar from moving while driving the bushings out. Start at either end and use a socket and a hammer to drive the inner metal sleeve out of the rubber bushing. This can also be done with an air hammer with or without a socket depending on what punches are available to you. A hammer and socket will do just fine though. Once the inner metal sleeve has been removed, remove the rubber bushing by putting a slightly larger socket on the rubber sleeve and driving it out with a hammer. This is similar to the process to remove the inner metal sleeve. If this does not work for you, it can be removed by cutting a slit in the rubber of the sleeve and prying the rubber out. The last step is remove the outer metal sleeve. This can be done by crushing the outside lip in with a hammer and chisel or an air hammer. Be careful not to scar up the track bar!!! If the track bar is scarred where the new polyurethane bushings will be installed, use a file to deburr the scarring. An alternative way to removing the outer metal sleeve is to use a hacksaw to cut a slit in the sleeve. Do this just like the rubber bushing. Be careful not to cut into the track bar!!! This will weaken the integrity of the bar if cut too deep. Before installing the bushings, it is recommended to use a scotch brite pad to clean the inner surface where the new bushings will be installed. This makes installation easier and increases the longevity of the bushing. After cleaning the inner surface, clean the surface with brake clean and wipe down the surface. Now you can install the polyurethane bushings by pressing them in by hand. If this is too hard to do by hand. Use a rubber mallet to drive them in. Try to drive them in as true to the hole as possible. After the bushings have been installed on both sides. Install the inner metal sleeve by pressing it in by hand or driving it in with a rubber mallet. The process is the same for both sides.

INSTALLATION OF THE TRACK BAR: Install the track bar in the same orientation it came out in. Start by installing the track bar onto the suspension. A rubber mallet can be used to tap the track bar into place. A line up punch can be used to help center the hole for the bolt. Be careful when using the bolt to line up the bar with the bracket!!! If you hammer the bolt in to line the bar up, the threads of the bolt can be damaged. Once this is lined up and the bolt can go through, install the nut on the back side. The tab on the bolt will be very helpful with installing the bolt because there is not much room to get your hand behind it. When the nut is installed on the bolt, leave the bolt loose. Do not tighten it up yet. Go to the driver side and install the track bar on the frame. This can be done with a rubber mallet and a line up punch. Install the bolt and the nut in the same orientation it came out in. Once both bolts are in, tighten the bolt and nut. Torque spec is 150 ft/lbs. If a torque wrench is not available to you, just tighten the bolt until it is snug. Once the bolts are tight, the track bar installation is complete.2006 DODGE RAM 2500 4X4 TRACK BAR BUSHING REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION.-2069 #1-