2007 Honda Civic Oil Change


In this How-to I'll show you how to change your engine oil on a 2007 Honda Civic. This process should be similar for 2006-2010 models with a 1.8L


-Jack and stands

-17mm wrench

-oil filter pliers

-drain pan


5L of 5W-20 oil and oil filter (FRAM # PH7317)

STEP 1: Open the hood. The hood release is located on the left kick panel, beside the pedals.2007 Honda Civic Oil Change -39a3 #1-

STEP 2: Raise and support the vehicle. ALWAYS USE JACK STANDS IN PAIRS.

STEP 3: Locate the drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan. Position the drain pan close when you take the plug out to reduce spilling. Replace the washer on the drain plug if it is crushed or damaged.2007 Honda Civic Oil Change -39a3 #2-

STEP 4: Locate the oil filter, towards the front of the engine. Loosen this with the oil filter pliers. Make sure the gasket does not remain on the housing when the filter is removed.2007 Honda Civic Oil Change -39a3 #3-

2007 Honda Civic Oil Change -39a3 #4-

STEP 5: Apply a bit of oil around the gasket on the new filter. This will help so the filter doesn't get stuck on for the next oil change you do. You can also fill the oil filter with oil if you want to prime it. Tighten the filter. Reinstall the drain plug and tighten.2007 Honda Civic Oil Change -39a3 #5-

STEP 6: Lower the vehicle, remove the oil filler cap and pour 4.2L of 5W-20 oil. If you primed your oil filter, you will probably only need to pour ~ 3.8L2007 Honda Civic Oil Change -39a3 #6-

STEP 7: Tighten the oil filler cap, start engine and let it idle for 15 seconds. Shut off the engine, take out oil dipstick, wipe off and reinsert. The oil level should be at the top of the safe range, as shown by the black mark I put on the picture below. Add more oil if it isn't. 2007 Honda Civic Oil Change -39a3 #7-

STEP 8: Close hood, refer to your owners manual on how to reset the oil life monitor. There is a sel-reset button to the left of the instrument panel. Turn key on, press that button until oil life comes up on the dash, press and hold until it flashes, then press and hold again. Oil life will reset to 100%

As a general guide, I follow the 5000km (3100mi)/3month oil change interval. Whichever comes first. Oil changes are also a great time to check&adjust your tire pressures according to manufacturers specification.

Always dispose of your oil engine oil abd filter according to your local environmental regulations.

Job done!