2013-2018 gmc 3500 Idler arm replacement

sierra 3500

This idler arm crosses many years of pickups 2500,3500, gmc and chev.

PN# MOOG - K400018

1. First step if you dont have enough working room is to safely secure the vehicle on jackstands or ramps. In this how to I used a hoist but its definatly not needed. You can do this whole repair with all tires on the ground.

2. Remove the front and bottom skid plate each fastened with 4 x 15mm bolts.

2013-2018 gmc 3500 Idler arm replacement -572c #1-

3. With the skid plates removed, factory plastic or aftermarket, you can now readily access the idler arm on the passsenger side inner frame rail. Remove the cotter pin and 24mm nut attatching the idler arm to the steering centerlink. Factory idler arms have a nyloc nut, moog uses a nut/cotter pin.

2013-2018 gmc 3500 Idler arm replacement -572c #2-

4. Remove the 2 bolts holding the body of the idler arm to the frame bracket. 18mm socket from the front and a 24mm wrench works perfect for the other side.

2013-2018 gmc 3500 Idler arm replacement -572c #3-

5. Now you have to seperate the taper holding the idler arm in the centerlink. Using a hammer hit the side of the centerlink beside the stud afew times untill the taper seperates. Hitting the bottom could tighten the taper, though not recommended because your not reusing the idler you can hit the end of the stud up but it wrecks the stud.

6. Using a small pry bar, pry the body of the idler out of the frame bracket and wiggle it free from the vehicle around the fan shroud and afew other small parts.

2013-2018 gmc 3500 Idler arm replacement -572c #4-


1. Side ln the new part setting the stud of the new idler in the centerlink.

2. The body of the idler arm sometimes needs acouple taps from a hammer to get in the frame bracket, then install the 2 frame bolts, stud nut and torque both to the reccomended value instructed on the paper work with the new part.

3. Once installed the most important step is to grease the idler arm!

Throw your skid plates on and your done!

Derby82 :I’ve got this project coming up on my truck