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Honda S2000 manual transmission fluid service.


2004 Honda S2000: 2000-2009 Manual transmission fluid change.

This job can be done with simple jack stands.

-raise and support vehicle

-important...when draining and re-filling transmission the car must be somewhat level so no fluid backs up into trans while draining and enough fluid gets into the trans when filling.

-always remove the fill hole first. (Bad day if the fill hole was stripped and you already drained the oil out.)

-remove 3/8 square drive drain bolt toward rear end of trans and drain into disposal bucket.

-tighten up the drain bolt

-remove dill plug and with a hand pump or pressure pump, pump new fluid into trans.

-again important to jeep car level duding this process so the oil is filled to spec.

-Should take just about 2 quarts. You keep filling trans until new oil begins to fall out of the drain hole.

-if the car is level and no more oil is seeping from fill hole the trans is filled properly.

-total capacity is around 2.2qts.

-honda manual transmission fluid is a common oil to use but we at Empire State Motors have had much better luck with General Motors syncromesh trans oil or Penzoil sycromesh. Most customers will leave with the transmission feeling much better than with honda MTF.