Transmission Service - Drain and fill

silverado 3500

Estimated Time: 1hr

Total transmission oil capacity: 14QT

Total transmission oil needed for drain and fill 8.75QT

Tools used:

  • 15mm socket
  • 13mm socket
  • Oil Filter wrench
  • shop towels
  • used oil container

Parts used:

  • Transmission oil filter (Napa 1-8592)
  • Internal Transmission filter (Fram FT1228)
  • 8 QT Full synthetic ATF Dexron-VI

Step 1.

Remove drain plug on transmission oil pan using 15mm socket

NOTE: Expect roughly 8qts of transmission fluid to drain. Some fluid will still be left in pan.

Transmission Service - Drain and fill-2b67 #1-

Step 2.

Unscrew Transmission oil filter using filter wrench.

only a small amount of fluid should drain. Clean are with clean rag.

Transmission Service - Drain and fill-2b67 #2-

Step 3.

Remove the 12 bolts for the oil pan (13mm socket),

Wipe and clean oil pan, ensure magnet is clean and free of any metal shards. Remove internal filter by gently pulling downward.

Transmission Service - Drain and fill-2b67 #3-

Step 4.

Assemble new internal oil filter and align gasket.

  • Tighten all 12 (13mm) bolts to 12ft/lbs
  • Screw in Oil filter until snug (example below)

Transmission Service - Drain and fill-2b67 #4-

Step 5.

Pour in Dexron-VI ATF fluid in through the dipstick using a funnel. This service used approximately 8 & 3/4 qt. This may vary, start with less and top up as needed.

Transmission Service - Drain and fill-2b67 #5-

Step 6. Checking the trans oil level

Start the truck and keep transmission in P park

With the truck warm, check the dipstick and ensure the oil is within the ‘hot’ range.

If your truck is cold, only go to the “cold” level then check once vehicle has reached operating temp.

Transmission Service - Drain and fill-2b67 #6-

heresjohnny :Great tutorial. This really helped clear up some uncertainty’s I had in regards to changing transmission oil