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How to Jump Start a Car



Picture this, you get into your vehicle, turn your key over, and it doesn’t start. Let’s face it, we’ve all been here. Today I’ll show you how to jump start your car in a few steps.

Knowing this simple trick can save you hours of hassle and potentially hundreds of dollars.


Do not touch the jumper cables “+” and “-“ together as this will create sparks and can potentially damage your vehicle.

How to Jump Start a Car-42ea #1-

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Tools Required

  • Jumper cables

Step 1: Park both vehicles close to each other

Make sure that you are parked in close proximity to the second vehicle that you’ll be attaching your jumper cables to. Pop the hood of both vehicles to prepare for attaching your jumper cables to the battery terminals.

Step 2: Attaching the cables

When it comes to battery terminals: Red is positive (+) and Black is negative (-). Your cables might have Red and Black handles or cables to resemble this.

How to Jump Start a Car-42ea #2-

Please note: to prevent any explosions. The car that is dead, avoid connecting the Negative (-) jumper cable (Black) to the negative terminal on the battery. Try and connect it to the engine hook or frame.

How to Jump Start a Car-42ea #3-

See illustration above:

  1. On the dead car, connect the Red positive (+) cable to the positive (+) battery terminal.
  2. On the helpers car, also connect the Red positive (+) cable to the positive (+) battery terminal.
  3. On the helpers car, connect the Black negative (-) cable to the negative (-) battery terminal.
  4. Finally, on the dead car, connect the Black negative (-) cable to the frame or engine hook of the vehicle (somewhere that can provide a solid grounding point).

Step 3: Starting the cars

Now with the cables all connected securely, your ready to jump start your vehicle. Ensure the jumper cables aren’t in the way of any moving parts in the engine bay (fans, pulleys, belts, etc...).

Now, turn on the helper vehicle and then turn on the dead vehicle.

P.S. you may need to increase the voltage by revving both vehicles a little (maybe around 4,000 rpm). If your car isn’t starting it’s possible your battery is beyond repair and you’ll need to purchase a new one.

Step 4: Remove jumper cables

When removing the jumper cables, it’s important to remove the Black negative (-) cable first and the Red Positive (+) cable last.

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