Porsche Macan Front Brake Pad Replacement


The purpose of this how-to is to replace notoriously-squeaky Porsche brake pads

You will need:

Parts Required:

1x set of brake pads (4 pieces)

1x set of brake pad backing plates (4 pieces) (make sure these parts are included with your kit, otherwise the new pads may ALSO squeak)

1x set of brake pad retaining clips (4 pieces) (highly recommened)

1x set of brake caliper bolts (highly recommened)

2x brake pad wear sensors (highly recommended depending on the wear of the previous set of brakes)

Tools Required:

1x 19mm socket, 1/2" drive

1x 1/2" drive extension-medium

1x Porsche Wheel lock key (typically found in the trunk under the floor mat along with the spare tire)

1x 3ton (6000lb or 2500kg+) jack

2x 3ton (6000lb or 2500kg+) jackstands

2x Can of Brake Cleaner (You can never have enough of this stuff)

1x Jar/Tube of Silicone Brake Grease

1x bag of clean shop rags (highly recommended)

1x 1/2" drive torque wrench

1x 1/2" drive Triple Square E14 socket

1x C clamp (large) (this will be required to compress the caliper pistons back into place-especially if the brakes have moderate to severe wear)

1x bungee cord/ old boxes to rest the disassembled caliper on; this will prevent the hydraulic brake hose from getting damaged as the pads are being exchanged

1x metal drip pan (highly encouraged)

WARNING: In case you are forgetful like I am, make sure to only work on one side of the brakes at a time-this will leave the other side assembled for reference in case you have questions later!


1. Securely lift up the vehicle just until the body starts lifting and the suspension starts to unload

2 Grab the Porsche wheel lock from the trunk under the floor mat-next to the spare tirePorsche Macan Front Brake Pad Replacement-acf7 #1-

3 Remove the cap on the brake master cylinder (located in the Engine Bay)Porsche Macan Front Brake Pad Replacement-acf7 #2-

4 Using the 1/2" drive 19mm socket, ratchet and extension, loosen the torque off the wheels. One out of every five lug bolts will require the wheel lock key. Be careful not to use the socket without the key on the special lug bolts as they will strip.

5 Raise the vehicle until the wheels are completely off the ground and take the lug bolts and wheel off

6 Unclip the brake pad wear sensor from the strut.

7 If you have a metal drip pan, place it under the brake assembly you are using. Alternately, cardboard can be used for this purpose as well. Use the Triple Square E14mm socket to remove the (2 massive) bolts attaching the front caliper to the steering knuckle.Porsche Macan Front Brake Pad Replacement-acf7 #3-

8 Support the caliper with either a bungee cord or old cardboard boxes so that there is no tension on the hydraulic brake hose

9 Remove the old brake pads by pressing down on the pad and sliding the pad out from the caliper assembly

10 If you purchased new brake retaining clips (the metal cross-looking things), remove the old ones from the caliper assembly now. Clean the brake caliper assembly using the brake cleaner and shop rags.

11 If you purchased new brake retaining clips (the metal cross-looking things), install the new ones now before the pads go in. Otherwise, clean and reinstall the old brake retaining clips.

12 Using an old, worn brake pad and the large C clamp, compress the caliper pistons until they retract into the brake caliper.

13 Install the new brake pad wear sensor into the inboard pad. OR Transfer the brake pad wear sensor from the old brake pads onto the new ones if unworn.

14 Spread a small amount of Silicone Brake grease on the back (non-friction surface) of the disc brake pads.

15 Attach the brake pad backing plates to the greasy side of the brake pads, being careful to note which way the backing plate grabs onto the brake pads

16 Spread more silicone brake grease on the clean side of the brake pad backing plates. While a little dab will do you, add more if you are anxious of brake squeaking noises.

17 Install new brake pads. When done properly, the brake retaining clips will not allow the brake pads to fall out.

18 Be careful to pay attention to the routing of the brake pad wear sensor wires. The wires go through the top of the caliper, along the side of the caliper (being held on by the boot on the bleeder screw) and around the back of the knuckle to the strut assembly. Insert the connector 90 degrees (either clockwise or counterclockwise) out and twist to have the brake pad wear sensor snap into place on the strut assembly.

19 Test fit the new caliper assembly with the new brake pads. If the pads and rotor do not fit or are too tight to install relatively easily, repeat step 12.

20 Install the brake caliper with the new pads and if ordered-the new caliper bolts.

21 Using a torque wrench, tighten the front caliper bolts to 22ft/lb (30N/m). Once completed, take a normal 1/2" ratchet with E14mm socket and turn the bolts an extra 90 degrees tighter.

22 Connect the brake pad wear sensor connector to harness.

20 Attach wheels using lug bolts

21 Lower vehicle and torque wheels to 118ft/lb (160N/m)