Replacement of Water Pump

crown victoria

Tools Required:

1.) Socket set and racheting wrenches

2.) Torque wrench

3.) Large clamp

4.) Large adjustable wrench and hammer

5.) Plastic scraper

6.) 1/2" drive breaker bar

7.) Catch can (for coolant)

8.) Coolant rated form-a-gasket (if a gasket is not provided with your pump)

9.) Blue thread locker

Helpful Addition:

Depending on how long the water pump pulley has been on, it may be necessary to purchase or borrow a puller kit in order to remove it from the engine.


1.) Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal.

2.) Disconnect the harness for the A/C fan, located on the side closer to the battery.

3.) Remove the three bolts holding the fan shroud and A/C fan.

4.) Carefully remove the shroud and A/C fan from the car, it may take some finagling to do so.

5.) Use the clamp to hold the water pump pulley still. Fix the adjustable wrench onto the mechanical fan nut.

6.) Using the hammer, tap the wrench counter-clockwise until the nut breaks loose. It may take some heat or penetrating oil to come loose, don't be afraid to be patient.

7.) Twist the mechanical fan off of the water pump and remove it from the car. If it's an old clutch on the fan, now would be a good time to replace it.

8.) Using a socket and wrench, break the four bolts on the water pump pulley loose, but don't remove them right away.

9.) Using the breaker bar, loosen the belt tensioner by turning it clockwise when in place. Remove the belt from the water pump pulley.

10.) Fulley remove the bolts from the water pump pulley and remove it from the pump. This step may require a puller tool.

11.) Place a catch can under the car to catch any coolant that may spill from the pump. Remove the bolts on the pump, and pull it off of the car. Reuse the bolts in the same positions during installation of the new pump.

12.) Clean off the mating surface for the gasket with the plastic scraper. DO NOT USE A METAL SCRAPER.

13.) When fully cleaned, either place the gasket in place or use form-a-gasket, following it's instructions for application.

14.) Apply blue threadlocker to the water pump bolts. Hand thread the water pump into place, in a crossing pattern in order to ensure an even install.

15.) Using the torque wrench, tighten each bolt to 18 ft. lbs., using the crossing pattern again to ensure a proper seal.

16.) Apply blue threadlocker to the water pump pulley bolts, and fix it to the water pump. Tighten these bolts with the torque wrench to 21 ft. lbs. in a crossing pattern.

17.) Loosen the tensioner with the breaker bar and replace the belt.

18.) Hold the water pump pulley using a clamp. Spin the mechanical fan back onto the water pump, and tighten it until it's snug. Due to the fan's design, when spinning, when spinning, it'll continue to stay tight, and won't walk off the thread.

19.) Reinstall the A/C fan and shroud back into the car. Reattach the A/C fan harness.

20.) Reconnect the negative battery terminal.

21.) Top off the coolant lost during replacement of the pump.

22.) Start the car and check for leaks. If there are, then the gasket isn't sealing correctly, and the job must be repeated to replace the gasket. If not, the job is complete.

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